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Why choosing a mineral sunscreen?

The answer is simple - for healthier life.  The sunscreens with chemical filters may be slightly cheaper, but they come with a toxic tag attached.

The chemical sunscreens only become effective after 30 minutes after application where as mineral ones offer immediate protection. They absorb UV radiation and can become phto toxic and cause allergies and irritation.

Typical chemical filters that you will find on a sunscreen label are:

  • oxybenzone

  • avobenzone

  • octisalate

  • octocrylene

  • homosalate

  • octinosate

Different countries issued their own guidelines on the limit at which these chemicals can be used due to their phototoxicity and the accumulative effect.

All chemical filters, with the exception of avobenzone, do not offer the UVA protection. Avobenzone does, but no more than 30 minutes, after which time it egrades in the sun, resulting in the release of free radicals, accelerating skin aging.

Some chemical UV filters have been linked to endocrine activity, mimicking oestrogen or testosterone. Oxybenzone has been shown to be toxic to the reproductive system. FDA and EWG sited the toxicity of the chemical filters to the environment.

Mineral based formulas use NON-NANO zinc or/and titanium to reflect radiation, not to absorb it into deeper layers of skin. You can not beat the effectiveness of zinc! It protects from both UVA and UVB, it possesses antibacterial and antiviral properties, which goes well with any problem skin.  With mineral sunsreens you are simply in safer hands.

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