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L-Formula Clinic

trading name of World of Difference Ltd, Licence Nos. 207262/207263   email:    tel.07753-423395

Re: Advanced Cosmetic Procedures (Advanced Electrolysis) - treatment of benign nevus (nevi)

I have been requested by your Patient,


Patient's Name

to carry out cosmetic reduction or removal of mole(s) on the patient's face/body by using Advanced Electrolysis (thermology or short-wave diathermy) method.

I am fully qualified, insured, experienced practitioner and licensed by Manchester City Council to carry out Advanced Electrolysis treatments.

The Client has been advised to seek GP's approval for this procedure.

The contraindications for thermolysis treatment include pacemaker, epilepsy, blood thinning medications, hypertension.  Diabetes is semi-contraindicated due to the lack of sensation and slower healing process. It does not, however, affect the blood sugar levels.

Kindly confirm on the slip below whether the Patient is suitable for this treatment.

Yours faithfully,

   L     Jepson

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