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Since over 60% of topically applied cosmetics are known to get absorbed into the bloodstream, there is a growing awareness about not just what we digest but also what we put on our skin. You are not just what you eat, but also, what you apply. 


L-Formula Skincare offers a holistic approach to skincare and environment, choosing only biodegradable ingredients from the renewable feedstock, which are naturally derived, organic or eco-certified, wherever possible.  Our products are free from mineral oil and other petroleum based products, PEG compound, parabens, silicone oils and artificial colours. They are formulated using generous amounts of vitamins and antioxidants designed to nurture and protect your skin.

All our formulations are handmade in small batches to order, apart from the DV8 sunscreen, which has been designed by L-Formula and is made by a laboratory which tests and confirms its compliance for SPF30 level UVB as well as UVA protection. Small batches allow for some flexibility within any given formula to suit your skin needs, i.e. variations in texture (ligher or heavier version) and sent.  Small samples "try-before-you-buy" of products are available on request.

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