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New additions to skin creams


More cream making

After trying various fancy formulas, I would often go "back to basics".  This natural beeswax based formula of, what is known, a classic cold cream, with its light vanilla aroma and creamy rich texture. Pure luxury.

Formulated for facial massage, so that the hands could glide without stretching the skin, this formula can be adjusted to become a night cream or a "heavy duty" moisturiser.


Cream for Facial Massage and More

This cream is used for facial massage. It is a concoction of organic botanical oils (olive, grapeseed, ricebran, almond, squalane, hemp, argan) and butters (cacao, shea, mango, coconut, crambe). Only the best.  Excellent for very dry skin, the cream has been reported to relieve symptoms of eczema and contact dermatitis.


Heavy Duty Moisturising

Similar to the massage cream, this formula contains jojoba wax designed to lock moisture into the skin. It is an anhydrous composition, i.e. it contains no water, and is made with natural butters, waxes and oils.The cream does not have a heavy feel and it is easily absorbed. It is a perfect hydrating skin remedy, high on vitamins and antioxidants that neutralise free radicals and strengthen the skin barrier.


Container Choice

To reduce the risk of contamination and prolonged exposure to air, a tube or a pump containers are chosen for extra protection.

The creams may come in a jar too, It is important to handle them with super clean and completely dry hands. 

Irrespective of the container they are in, be mindful that you are dealing with a natural product, containing most of the stuff you can eat. So, keep it away from the sun rays and preferably in a cooler room of the house. This little precaution will pay you back with all its goodness of natural protection.


Daily Luxury. No more dry skin.

Rich velvet-like texture that easily fades away leaving the skin revived with moisture and all goodness of the actives that the formula offers. I referred to this composition as a Day Cream and the name stuck. Most of my 'anti-ageing skincare' clients come with a similar complaint - dry skin. This cream, when used during the day, provides long lasting moisturising with anti-ageing actives (hyaluronic acid, lupine and oats protein, vitamin E and peptides).

After - Eye Cream

Can't make up your mind? Request a sample.

Small samples of different formulations can be delivered to your door if you live in South Manchester / North Cheshire area. All creams and serums are freshly prepared to order and dispatched within three working days.

To get in touch, please use email:

WhatsApp: 07753-423395

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