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Anti-Ageing Facial

This intensive facial treatment, lasting two hours, targets mature or photo-damaged complexions aiming to restore contours of the face and its glow by addressing the problems of skin laxity, hydration and muscle tone.

The facial incorporates different massage techniques and the use of cosmeceuticals loaded with peptides, hyaluronic acid and vitamins.  Non-invasive phototherapy and soundwaves help to drive the actives into deeper tissues giving lifting and toning effect.


The massage techniques are based on the teachings of the Russian school of clinical massage.  The treatment starts with intensive muscle stimulation, performed on dry skin, followed by the application of various cosmeceuticals and the use of electrical and LED light modalities. 

This part of the anti-ageing facial is often referred to as 'non-invasive face lift", as it feels like "training" your facial muscles to appear more lifted, tightened and firm.

The anti-ageing facial concludes with a deeply hydrating massage.  A freshly prepared natural botanical massage cream or a serum, suturated with vitamins and active ingredients, bring natural glow to the face. The skin feels supple and hydrated.

At the end you would typicallty notice a lift in the eyebrow area, smoother skin around the eyes, a more defined jaw line and a visibly plumper-looking and radiant skin. The treatment finishes with the head and upper back massage.

All cosmetic formulations have been tested and certified. They are made to order. If you would like to order any of them, an advanced notice would be appreciated. Clients attending massage or electrolysis treatments may collect a cream sample of their choice.

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