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Advanced Facials and Anti-Ageing Skincare Treatments

Our therapeutic facial treatments are tailored to meet your individual needs, targeting specific concerns, helping to restore optimum skin health.  They all based on the Russian Classical School of Facial Massage.


Ranging from the anti-ageing facials, using botanical extracts and amino acids for toning, intense hydration, to spot-busting treatments for teens and, sometimes, older folks with deep clense and extraction of comedones, the treatments spread over two hours and finish with either a hydrating coating for mature skin or a clay mask, usually applied after spots treatment.


The combination of various movements and technicques, some of which can make you feel almost like taking your face to a gym, is designed to to improve circulation and secretory function of the sebaceous and sweat glands, delivering ease of tension and total relaxation. 

The facials incorporate electrotherapy delivered with electric supersonic massager to aid absorption of topical applied active ingredients, high frequencies device to treat acne prone skin as well as light therapy modalities for cellular regeneration. 


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